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CallbackDisk 3.0

CallbackDisk 3.0: CallbackDisk lets you create and manage virtual disks from your application With CallbackDisk component you can create and manage virtual disk devices within your application and expose these disks to Windows as if they were real disk devices. The disks become visible to all processes in Windows. CallbackDisk provides a driver, which calls your application when it needs to perform reading or writing to the disk. And your application can store the actual disk data anywhere it needs: in memory, over the net etc.

Data erasure tool 5.0.1: Data wiping tool wipe data from USB-flash drives, flash memory cards, picture.
Data erasure tool 5.0.1

flash drives. • Hard disk cleanup tool delete and wipe internet explorer temporary files, URL, history, cookies and free up your disk space. • Disk cleaning tool remove wipe sensitive information financial reports, cleans FAT NTFS partition records, clean formatted drive confidential information. • Information about all the sites that you visited is stored on your computer. Simply clicking on delete Internet Temp Files, History or Cookies will

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DasBoot 2.0: Free utility for creating bootable repair devices to fix your Mac.
DasBoot 2.0

Disk Warrior, all in one place to keep your Mac running at peak performance. Creating a DasBoot device is simple. Insert a flash drive or other device you wish to make a powerful repair kit, select the utilities you’d like to include on the repair disk and use a 3rd party bootable CD/DVD (such as those included with FileSalvage, Disk Warrior, Drive Genius, etc) and create your repair drive in minutes. DasBoot is so easy to use that any Mac user

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Flash Gallery Creator 5.00: Make flash gallery, photo album,web flash banner, burn flash to DVD disc for TV
Flash Gallery Creator 5.00

Flash Gallery Creator allows you to create flash gallery, flash picture animation album, 3D image slideshow, web flash advertisement banner and burn swf flash to DVD disc for playing on TV with a DVD player. It can allows you to create flash picture animation gallery and embed the flash to MySpace, Website, Blogger, Wordpress. It also allows you to burn the dynamic flash to DVD disc for playing on TV with a DVD player to show flash on TV.

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Flash Video MX 2.0.7: Flash Video MX is flash video encoder, flv encoder, can convert video to flash.
Flash Video MX 2.0.7

Flash Video MX is a very easy-to-use yet professional software tool to convert your video to flash (movie to flash, mpeg to flash, avi to flash, wmv to flash) that can be played on Internet Explorer with high quality. The Flash Video Batch Encoder is a professional tool in Flash Video MX, which is used to convert multiple video files at once. With the Flash Video Batch Encoder, you can select a list of video files, then encode them at once.

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Flash Recovery Toolbox 1.0.12: Retrieves deleted multimedia files and other documents from any media with FAT
Flash Recovery Toolbox 1.0.12

Flash Recovery Toolbox to your hard disk and double click it to proceed with the evaluation of media recovery tool. This program is shareware, feel free trying Flash Recovery Toolbox before purchase. It is compatible with all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and FAT file system. If the file system itself is not damaged, you can easily restore affected files from any disk on your PC. After the installation of Flash Recovery Toolbox you should

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Baby Flash Player 2.1: A very easy-to-use flash player,conver to .exe,extract mp3,extract picture.
Baby Flash Player 2.1

Baby Flash Player is a very easy-to-use flash player which not only reinforces functions provided byMacromedia Flash Player, but also has its own expanding that give you the opportunities to enjoy or collect flash and manage your flash movie files more conveniently. Baby Flash Player have many other functions such as converting flash file to .exe, converting flash file to flash screensaver ,capturing flash pictures as wallpaper, extract mp3.

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